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Addwin Exports, situated in Karur, South India, has been manufacturing quality furnishing for over 3 decades. The company was established in 1994 by A.P. Shanmugam, the Chairman and his son A.P.S Periaswaamy and S. Murugesh who is currently the Managing Partners.

Our business thic to give right quality, competitive pricing and timely delivery has made Addwin Exports the preferred supplier to leading customers worldwide.

First Name Shanmugam Last Name Arumugam Periaswamy

In 1960, Shri. Shanmugam, after completed his study’s he started his carrier with his father Shri. C.A.Periaswaamy in the Home Textile business supplying to domestic market with in India.


First Name Periaswaamy Last Name A.P.Shanmugam

In 1984, Shri. Periaswaamy, after completed his study’s joined his father in the Home Textile business and Yarn merchant supplying to domestic market in India. He helped in structuring the organization development from domestic supply to international exports.


First Name Murugesh Last Name Shanmugam

In 1994, Shri Murugesh a Economic graduate joined his family business in the Home Textile business. He strives for complete customer satisfaction through quality, competitive price and timely deliveries.



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